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Website optimisation

Website Optimisation

Website optimisation is the process of getting traffic from the search engines. All major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing have them, where web pages and other content such as videos or local listings are shown and ranked based on what the search engine considers most relevant to users.

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Why is it important?

Good Google search engine listings means that your website is listed on the first page of results when looking for something. Here are some tips:

  • Make pages primarily for users and not for search engines. Don’t lie to your users or present different content to search engines than you display to users (cloaking)
  • Make a site has a clear hierarchy and has good internal links. Every page should be reachable from at least one link.
  • Create a useful, information-rich website. Write pages that are clear and accurate. Make sure that your TITLE elements and ALT attributes are descriptive and accurate.
  • Use keywords to create descriptive, human friendly URLs.
  • Create as many good quality back links as possible.
  • Improve your Google Pagerank
  • If you are using WordPress – make sure you install a “responsive” theme. These are a flexible foundation for any website. They provide a fluid-like grid system that adapts your website to mobile devices, to the desktop and to any other viewing environment. Many responsive themes also come with added functionality such as short codes etc.

WordPress Plugins

If you are using WordPress, try to use some of the following plugins:

  • Yoast WordPress SEO – This allows you optimise your WordPress site with just one plugin. It is the complete SEO plugin for WordPress available today offers you everything you need to optimise your site. It is also free. The Yoast plugin allows you to easily set up Twitter card approval and adds Facebook open graph metadata etc.
  • Local SEO for the WordPress SEO by Yoast – This helps your website get listed on local Google search results
  • W3 Total Cache- The only WordPress Performance Optimization (WPO) framework; designed to improve user experience and page speed.
  • BJ Lazy Load – Lazy loading makes your site load faster and saves bandwidth. Uses jQuery and degrades gracefully for non-js users. Works with both images and Iframes
  • Facebook – This plugin adds Facebook social plugins to your WordPress site. Associate your WordPress site with a free Facebook application identifier to enable advanced features such as automatically sharing new posts to an author’s Facebook Timeline or your site’s Facebook Page
  • Arevico Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox – Let your visitors should know about your Facebook page. With this plugin, you can display a preconfigured Facebook Fan Page-Like etc.
  • A social networking plugin such as ShareThis. Features Social Analytics, Open Graph Sharing and the Hovering Bar
  • Jetpack – This is a WordPress plugin that supercharges your self-hosted WordPress site with the awesome cloud power of
  • Plugin Organiser – This plugin allows you to change the order that your plugins are loaded. It allows you to selectively disable plugins that are not required for a page or post. This means that only the plugins required to load the relevant page or post are used and this facilitates faster download times.
  • Autoptimize – This concatenates all scripts and styles, minifies and compresses them, adds headers, caches them, and moves styles to the page head, and scripts to the footer. It also minifies the HTML code itself, making your page really lightweight.
  • SEO Smart links – This automatically links keywords and phrases in your posts and comments with corresponding posts, pages, categories and tags on your blog. This helps increase your internal linking required to improve your Pagerank and it also increases the Website optimisation visibility of your website by making it easier for other people to find. After all the iterate is a series of links – This means that good quality links help to increase your digital footprint.
  • 404 simple redirect – This plugin determines if a users request will cause a 404 HTTP error. If so, it redirects the user to a page defined in the plugin options. Google particularly likes custom 404 error pages as opposed to those pre-installed on most word-press websites. Having a custom 404 error page allows a website designer to create something that is specifically designed to help users when they can not find what they are looking for. Error pages help increase your website optimisation
  • Simple 301 redirects – Every so often, a webpage has to be deleted or moved to a new URL. When this happens, this plugin provides an easy way to redirect requests from one page to another. This saves errors occurring which are not google friendly!
  • It is also useful having a dedicated blog

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