Tourism English

Tourism English is język angielski dla turystyki. English is the language of the tourism industry. It is the language of international communication. It is essential for tourism. Tourism English introduces vocabulary and skills. They are important. It details how to work in tourist information offices. It includes providing directions. Understanding guidebooks. Conducting guided tours. Detailing an itinerary. It is designed to interest non-natives. Especially those seeking work in the tourism industry.

Tourism is often described as ‘the pleasure industry’. It is known as ‘the welcome industry’. It’s also an international industry. It involves a range of inter-cultural encounters. The language of this industry is English in an international context. It is the language of meeting needs. It is also about providing high levels of service.

Tourism English

Tourism English Opole. Język angielski dla turystyki. Englisch für TourisumusTourism English can include many things. Such as working at a hotel. How to communicate with customers. Dealing with enquiries. Room reservation. Bookings. Checking in and out. It examines the vocabulary and expressions needed.

It details how to take customer orders. Asking and answering questions. Describing dishes. Defining foreign terms used on a menu. Restaurant service.

When travelling, it is important to get on with other people. Social skills are important. So this course helps to communicate confidently in different social settings. Small talk is thus important. So you learn how to suggest, request and offer. You learn to talk about what they do out of work hours. And how to give opinions on different topics etc. It is vital to understand, delight and solve problems.

If you enjoy travelling, it is a good idea to visit a tourist information centre. They can tell you what is on offer. They can thus:

  • providing information about the attractions etc
  • book reservations in hotels
  • arrange tour guides
  • distribute travel publications
  • give good advice

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