Torun is in the northern part of Poland. It lies on the Vistula River. The city owes its origins to the Teutonic Order. They built a castle in Torun in the 13th century with a view to conquest Prussia. The town developed a commercial role as part of the Hanseatic League. Consequently, Torun is one of the oldest cities in Poland. The medieval old town of Torun is the birthplace of the astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus and his house stands there to this day.

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Visiting Torun

When visiting, there are several impressive public and private Gothic styled buildings from the 14th and 15th centuries. There are many places to visit such as the Church of the Virgin Mary, Old Town Market including the Old Town Hall, Arthus’ Court, the House Under the Star, Copernicus Monument, Rafter’s Monument, Bridge Gate, Bourgeois Court and the Leaning Tower. These buildings are striking evidence of Torun’s historical importance.


Torun has the second largest number of original and best preserved historical monument’s in Poland (Krakow has the most). In 1997, the medieval part of the city was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site and in 2007, the Old Town was added to the list of the Seven Wonders of Poland. The National Geographic Polska rated the old town market as one of the “30 Most Beautiful Places in the World”.

Torun is also famous for its deliciously unique Gingerbread cookies or known as “Pierniki” in Poland. It has been making Gingerbread since the 14th Century. The live Gingerbread Museum is Europe’s only fully operating Gingerbread bakery and museum. It was established in the 16th century.  Suffice to say, the town has mastered various different recipes and I would firmly recommend you try some of them! The town has a wide variety of other trades too including art and crafts. It is also good for sport and nature lovers too. The town is a must-see for any tourist visiting Poland.

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