TOEIC tests are recognised and respected all over the world.  The tests have set the standard for assessing the English-language skills used for international communication. These tests provide accreditation that can be used to help with a visa application and the process of naturalisation within many countries. The tests help businesses build a more effective international workforce and prepare students for the international market.

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TOEIC tests

TOEICThe TOEIC® tests are English-language proficiency tests that have been designed for people whose native language is not English. The tests require English knowledge used in the international environment. This includes language for meetings, travel and telephone conversations etc. The tests and test scores are fair regardless of gender and age etc. This means that a person who takes the test in Poland or India is comparable to someone taking the test in the UK this year.

People wanting to work, study or settle in the U.K. can use the TOEIC® test to demonstrate their English proficiency for all UK visas. The Test of English for International Communication is produced by ETS (Educational Testing Service). TOEIC® tests are the world’s most popular English language assessment for people entering work. Approximately 7 out of 10 of the largest companies in the world rely on them, so why don’t you?

The TOEIC® test
There are two parts to the test. You can do one or both parts.

  1. The “Listening and Reading” is a paper and pencil test that takes 2.5 hours and is taken at a test centre.
  2. The “Speaking and Writing” test is an online test that is taken in a test centre and takes 90 minutes.

What about scores?
The TOEIC Reading and Listening gives a score between 10 and 990:

  • 905 – 990 International Proficiency
  • 785 – 900 Working Proficiency Plus
  • 605 – 780 Limited Working Proficiency
  • 405 – 600 Elementary Proficiency Plus
  • 255 – 400 Elementary Proficiency
  • 185 – 250 Memorised Proficiency
  • 10 – 180 No Useful Proficiency

TOEIC Speaking and Writing tests are scored out of 200.

Test scores and CEF levels

CEF level Cambridge ESOL TOEIC Summary of level
C2  CPE   Mastery
C1  CAE, BEC Higher 945 to 990 Proficiency
B2 FCE, BEC Advantage 785 to 940 Vantage
B1 PET, BEC Prelim 550 to 780 Threshold
A2 KET 225 to 545 Waystage
A1   120 to 220 Breakthrough


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