Technical English. Techniczny język angielski. Used in many professions...

Technical English

Technical English

Technical English (Techniczny język angielski) is an ideal reference for those dealing with specific professions such as IT Specialist or Scientist etc. For example, people who work in the steel industry would use words like “Rockwell”, “Olsen”, “cup test”, and “camber”. These words have special meanings pertaining to the manufacture of steel. Similarly, an electrician needs to know words/phrases such as a capacitor, impedance, and surge capacity. Technical English thus examines vocabulary that most people outside of that industry never use.

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The word

The word technical has several meanings:

  • of, relating to, or specialising in industrial, practical, or mechanical arts and applied sciences
  • skilled in practical and mechanical arts rather than theoretical or abstract thinking
  • relating to or characteristic of a particular field of activity
  • existing by virtue of a strict application of the rules or a strict interpretation of the wording
  • of, derived from, or showing technique e.g he shows technical brilliance
  • (of a financial market) having prices determined by internal speculative or manipulative factors rather than by general or economic conditions e.g. a technical rally


Having a good understanding of technical vocabulary is a requirement of many academic disciplines. Fields such as Science, Engineering and Medicine, amongst others, often people to understand require technical English with ease and fluency. Working with technical English can be difficult. But there is some good news!

  • Despite the difficulty of learning and acquiring technical vocabulary, many technical words have Greek or Latin base forms, and these can be easy to recognise.
  • Many technical phrases are similar in different languages.
  • Many writers provide clues about whether a word is technical or not, for example, such as write the word in bold, inverted commas or italics, or use a diagram etc.
  • Technical vocabulary is often repeated to indicate its importance.
  • The technical use of a word can usually be better understood by looking it up in a good/specialist dictionary
  • Many technical words are used outside its specific area with little or no change in meaning

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