Swidnica – This city is in the western part of Poland. It lies in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship and is the seventh largest town in it. It is best known as the home to one of the Churches of Peace. Swidnica is a fine medieval town that has survived the ravages of the 20th century more or less intact. The colourful Rynek is typically Polish. The 16th century Town Hall dominates the centre of town.

The town hall has been renovated numerous times and combines Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architectural elements. The Baroque Church of St. Joseph and the Church of St. Christopher are from the same era. Other sights include the old town, Chapel of St. Barbara and the Rynek square.

Besides the Church of Peace (which is a ten-minute walk north of the Rynek) the town’s stand-out sight is the 14th century Ss. Stanislav and Vaclav Cathedral, at 103 metres the tallest church in Silesia. You can find it on Plac Jana Pawla II which is one block east of the Rynek

The Evangelical Church of Peace

The Evangelical Church of Peace in Swidnica is a UNESCO Heritage site. It was built between 1656–57. The Churches of Peace in Jawor and Świdnica are the largest timber-framed religious buildings in Europe. They were built amid the religious strife that followed the

Peace of Westphalia. Constrained by the physical and political conditions, the Churches of Peace give testimony to the quest for religious freedom. They are a rare expression of Lutheran ideology in a Country that is generally associated with the Catholic Church.

This Church is definitely worth seeing. It is about a one hours drive from Wroclaw airport. If you want a one day trip, Swidnica gives visitors something truly memorable. Swidnica also holds an antique fair every year. It is usually held during the May break and is definitely worth visiting to pick up some fantastic bargains.

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