STANAG refers to the STANdardisation AGreement. STANAG is an international military standard created by NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. It is designed to standardise how armed forces from different countries work together on international operations and exercises. It affects procedures, tactics, training and the proficiency of English Language.

STANAG 6001 is a language proficiency scale designed to allow comparisons of language ability in different countries. The scale consists of a set of descriptors with proficiency skills broken down into six levels, marked 1 through to 6. They are defined as follows:
Level 0 Beginner is similar to A1 on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)
Level 1 Elementary is similar to A2 on the CEFR
Level 2 Limited Working is similar to B1
Level 3 Minimum Professional is similar to B2
Level 4 Full Professional is similar to C1
Level 5 Native/Bilingual is similar to C2

The STANAG 6001 test – Military English (angielski dla służb mundurowych, militarny)

Military english opole. Angielski dla służb mundurowych. Militarny. STANAG 6001The Military English (angielski dla służb mundurowych, militarny) test measures your Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills and gives a digit in each. The digit reflects your language skill.  Students thus get  a Standardized Language Profile. Military staff must be linguistically proficient in order to successfully complete assigned duties. As a result, all staff are given the STANAG 6001 test.

The best way to prepare for the STANAG is to surround yourself with as much English as possible.  Take some official courses.  Watch English movies.  Read English newspapers. Do some  kind of English activity on a daily basis  English. It is important to take every opportunity to use English with others:  on the internet and on the telephone, etc
There is no one official exam for the STANAG 6001 levels and countries which use the scale produce their own tests and are responsible validating their tests in terms of the STANAG 6001 levels

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