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Piers Midwinter

PGCE (Post 16), BA (Hons), GCGI, TOEIC, CELTA

Hello and welcome to my website! Before I talk about myself, I want you to know some facts. The Language market is full of charlatans. You can easily find “teachers” and “language schools” that offer topics they are not certified or authorised for. It can be very hard to find what you are looking for because it is remarkably easy to get good results on Google and Facebook etc. For example, if I wanted to be top of the Google Search results for every single valuable keyword phrase I could easily do it by:

– Creating several different Google mail accounts, logging into each one from a different IP address and writing positive things about myself to get top-ranking!

– Hassling my students to write me lots of references

– Spending money on advertising campaigns etc.

However, I am not going to do any of those things because:

– They are childish
– It’s unprofessional
– I don’t need to!

There are many translators who pretend to be teachers and in some cases: Language School owners!!!!! The same is true for several Universities as they typically require Lecturers to have a Masters qualification. In other words, it is possible to get employment teaching a topic that bears no relation to your studies!!!! – So you should always find out what your teacher is ACTUALLY qualified to offer etc.

So now I am going to introduce myself…

My name is Piers Midwinter. I am a friendly Native English Speaker and a Highly Qualified Teacher. I was brought up and educated at two public schools in the South East of England. My father was a professor at UCL. I have thus had a top-class education. I also have clear British pronunciation etc.

I now have six teaching qualifications – PGCE (post 16) in ICT, ITGS, Accelerated Learning, CELTA (Cambridge English), TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) and Independent Tutor. I also have two Google certificates (Digital Garage and HTML5). I have been teaching for over 17 years. This includes 9 years teaching Information Communication Technology (ICT) in the UK Secondary Sector and 2 years in Poland. I have taught English as a Second Language (ESL) for over 7 years. I have taught Business English to Masters students at a German University (one day per week) since October 2014. I have also worked as a Corporate Trainer, I have taught on-site at companies throughout the Opolskie region and I have taught Cambridge English (KET, PET, FCE, CAE and BEC etc), other English exams and topics too.

I moved to Opole in August 2011. In April 2014, I set up my company and in August 2017, bought a flat very near Solaris and decorated it in a beautiful English style. I also have a Polish-registered car. This means I can teach at your place or at my company. I offer my clients a high level of English hospitality, Native English language, real expertise, professionalism, a great place to learn, central location, good resources, highly enjoyable lessons and at a very competitive price etc. Free car parking is available at the back of my building. There is a bus stop directly opposite for convenience.

If you are still not convinced, then, please read my other web pages and check out my Youtube channel etc. I create all of my own resources! (Two websites, the text, images and Youtube videos etc). I also run my own company and create my own contracts… I have done this so you know what a real professional looks like and is capable of! Please don’t waste your money on cheats… Talk to me. You will not regret it. Thank you.


Oct 2017 to present

Corporate Trainer

Teaching Business English etc

I am teaching at two large Corporations in Namyslow. I am also teaching at an IT Company in Opole
Oct 2014 to present

University Lecturer

Business English Teacher

Since Oct 2014 I have been employed by TU Dresden to teach Business English to Masters
Apr 2014 to present

Best Language

Company Director

My company was created in April 2014.
Oct 2011 to present

Moved to Opole

Started teaching

I moved to Opole in Oct 2011 and started teaching here.

Professional qualifications

  • TOEIC (TCA) – The Test of English for International Communication.
  • CELTA – Cambridge English Language Training to Adults.
  • PGCE (Post 16) -Postgraduate Graduate Certificate in Education in Information and Communication Technology.
  • IB ITGS – International Baccalaureate in Information Technology in a Global Society.
  • Independent Tutor – For Hertfordshire County Council.
  • GTC – I am a registered teacher with the General Teaching Council for England


  • Digital Garage – Google Certificate.
  • Doubleclick HTML5 Desktop Certified – Google certificate.
  • Accelerated Learning
  • TELC training
  • Certyfikat Uczestnictwa – Training from the American Consulate
  • Child Protection Awareness Training
  • Basic awareness Safeguarding Training – level 1
  • Professional Career Start – Business operations, IT in Business and Use of IT.
  • Certificates – to teach English in Polish schools at different levels


  • Feb 2016 – now: English Teacher at Bright Coders’ factory
  • Oct 2017 – now: Corporate Trainer at Quest Corporate Language Solutions
  • Mar 2017 – Jul 2017: Corporate Trainer with Macfarlane Training Services
  • Oct 2014 – Feb 2018: University Lecturer employed by the TU Dresden
  • Apr 2014 – Jul 2017: Native Speaker at Nasza Szkola.
  • Sept 2015 – Jun 2016: Business English Teacher at Elsteel in Ozimek
  • Sept 2012 – Jun 2015: I worked with various ESL companies in Opole.
  • Sept 2011 – Apr 2012: I worked with Optima on a European Union project
  • April 2007 – Jul 2011: Nominal Head of ICT at two International schools in Poland.
  • Sept 2000 – Apr 2007: Full-time teacher of ICT

I have also had teaching employment with at least 8 summer schools

I offer

I organise English Courses for companies, institutions and individuals.

  • Corporate training to Companies onsite or at my Language School
  • Specialist Language courses
  • Business English courses
  • Cambridge English courses
  • Conversational English
  • Online Learning


I teach clients at Best Language, Online or On-site at a Company, School or Institution within the Opolskie region. I generally prefer to work close to Opole. Companies wanting English lessons/courses held at a company some distance away from Opole (More than 20 kilometres) should hire me for the whole entire day and pay more for lessons (to counteract for the travel expenses and the time needed to travel etc.)

For students wanting something special – My Language School is unlike any other in Opole. It is the ONLY Language School in Opole that has been designed from the offset to provide top quality English Language Services. There is ONLY one table. The clients sit directly opposite me – the teacher. Clients are thus treated as equals. My flat has been decorated and styled in a beautiful English style etc. Best Language thus targets a Niche market – people who want and appreciate top quality in every sense.

Best Language has been set-up to offer English Language Solutions in the Opolskie region and Online. This includes:

  • Corporate Training – English Language Solutions for Companies
  • Bespoke English Language Courses
  • Business to Business (B2B) services
  • Language School services – Tutoring, coaching, lecturing and teaching etc.
  • Business Language Courses for firms and Individuals
  • Educational, Business and IT Consultation services
  • Online teaching via Skype.

Lessons for groups of students usually take place mainly on the premises of the company. I thus drive to your company. This saves all of your employees valuable time and money. Lessons for individuals or very small groups can also be held at my company. Courses can cover a wide range of issues related to general or business language. At the company’s request, the program can be tailored. Courses usually start at the beginning of September and usually continue until the end of the academic year. A contract thus provides both parties with a legally binding proof of agreed terms. Lessons topics can include: Communication, International Marketing, Relationships, Success, Job Satisfaction, Risk, Management Styles, Team Building, Raising Finance, Customer Service, Crisis Management and Mergers

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This website was designed and is updated regularly by Piers Midwinter. Please contact me for more information or visit me at: Reymonta 1/12, Opole 45-065, Poland

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