Lublin is situated in the eastern part of Poland. It is the capital of the region. Nearly 350,000 people live in the city. The city has approximately 90,000 students. So the city has a strong academic culture. Lublin also enjoys strong trade and has various services and industry, e.g. engineering, automotive engineering, power and furniture. The region surrounding the city has a strong agricultural sector and so food processing is a significant part of Lublin’s industry. The City of Lublin is politically active with various urban regeneration projects etc.

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Lublin is one of the most important cultural centres in Poland. It is a lively and vibrant city. The city hosts a series of important events. These include: The Forum of Contemporary Dance, the Lublin Jazz Festival, the Festival of Traditional and Avant-garde Music “Codes”, the Night of Culture and the Jagiellonian Fair and Festival of Art-Conjurers & Performers

These events help to create an original and unique style.

A Price water-house Coopers report highlighted three main strengths of Lublin.

  • great academic environment
  • efficient institutions
  • high quality of life

There are several places worth seeing in the region. The Gothic Chapel of The Holy Trinity is from the 14th century. It is in the compounds of the Castle. Its walls and ceiling are covered in stunningly beautiful Byzantine frescoes. The old town in the heart of the city was built between the 13th and 16th century. It is one of the best examples of original urban architecture in Poland. The castle houses the collection of Polish and European paintings as well as regional arts and crafts. For hundreds of years, the city was a centre of Jewish culture. Today visitors can walk along a trail that is dedicated to the memory of the Jews. Kazimierz Dolny is also nearby.

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