Lodz - Łódź

Lodz – Łódź is a product of the Industrial Revolution. Its nickname is ‘The Manchester of Poland’. The Polish town name Łódź is actually pronounced Woodge. Lodz may not boast the postcard panoramas of Prague and Krakow, but it is a city with a dark history and some of the country’s finest night venues. It is full of interesting stories. Lodz is an old city dating back as far as the 14th century. But it was the industrial revolution that saw the population increase and Łódź become a metropolis. The Polish textile industry was born in Łódź. The town was named ‘The Promised Land’ and thousands of people came here from all over central Europe to make their fortunes.

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The second world war saw the ethnic balance destroyed. Nowadays, Lodz is an important city, and the Manufaktura project ranks as one of the most impressive urban regeneration projects in Europe. The city is also at the heart of Polish art and sub-culture. The street called ul. Piotrkowska is Europe’s longest pedestrian street and rates as one of best places for a party! Nowadays, the city is full of modern technology, creative enterprise and many grand events. It combines industrial architecture, office buildings, many cultural and sports buildings etc. Lodz attracts business due to its central location, close proximity to the capital, scientific and human resources. The policies of the municipality make the area attractive to potential investors. Lodz has invested in many new roads, an airport and the quality of its railway infrastructure. These things all help to increase business. The city has over 30 parks. Many people go to Łagiewniki. These are the biggest urban woods in Europe. Many people have fun at “Fala” – a modern aquapark. Lodz has a multipurpose hall called Atlas Arena. It is one of the biggest buildings of its kind in Poland and is the pride of the city.

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