Kursy Angielski w Biznesie

kursy angielski w biznesie

I have my own English Language School for invoicing. Here is my offer…

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Business English

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Topics include: Impressions, Training, Energy, Marketing, Employment Trends, Ethics, Finance, Consultants, Strategy, Online Business, New Business and Project Management

Upper Intermediate

Topics include: Communication, International Marketing, Relationships, Success, Job Satisfaction, Risk, Management Styles, Team Building, Raising Finance, Customer Service, Crisis Management and Mergers


Topics include: Brands, Travel, Change, Organisation, Advertising, Money, Cultures, Human Resources, International Markets, Ethics, Leadership and Competition


Topics include: Careers, Companies, Selling, Great Ideas, Stress, Entertaining, New Business, Marketing, Planning, Managing People, Conflict and Products

Lessons for groups of students usually take place mainly on the premises of the company. I thus drive to your company. This saves all of your employees valuable time and money. Lessons for individuals or very small groups can also be held at my company. Courses can cover a wide range of issues related to general or business language. At the company’s request, the program can be tailored. Courses usually start at the beginning of September and usually continue until the end of the academic year. A contract thus provides both parties with a legally binding proof of agreed terms.
Business English courses are a superb choice for motivated and busy executives and business students with a moderate to high proficiency in English. I would recommend this course for any student who is at least at Intermediate (B1+) level of English or higher. Increase your vocabulary and practise using business English in everyday business situations on the telephone, and in meetings, presentations or negotiations. Learn valuable communication skills and gain knowledge to help you succeed in the global marketplace.
Business English (Angielski w biznesie) is a part of English for specific purposes and can be considered a specialism within English language learning and teaching. Many non-native English speakers study the subject with the goal of doing business with English-speaking countries, or with companies located outside the English-speaking world but which nonetheless use English as a shared language or lingua franca. Much of the English communication that takes place within business circles all over the world occurs between non-native speakers. In cases such as these, the object of the exercise is efficient and effective communication.

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Each and every business document (report, proposal and formal letter etc) require specific language and skills. For example, reports should be well organised, with the information listed in a logical manner. There is no set layout for a report – this will depend on a) the type of report and b) the company style. Reports typically have a title, executive summary, introduction, findings, conclusions and recommendations. Some documents require salutations or greetings and/or official endings such as ‘Yours sincerely’ if you know the person you are writing to or ‘Yours faithfully’ if you don’t.
Business English (Angielski w biznesie) means different things to different people. For some, it focuses on vocabulary and topics used in the worlds of business, trade, finance, and international relations. For others, it refers to the communication skills used in the workplace and focuses on the language and skills needed for typical business communication such as presentations, negotiations, meetings, small talk, socializing, correspondence, report writing, and a systematic approach. In both of these cases it can be taught to native speakers of English, for example, high school students preparing to enter the job market.
Most Businesses now expect employees to be fully conversant with Microsoft Office (Excel, Word and Powerpoint etc). The ability to edit documents and create standardised templates is essential. It is therefore very important to show employers you can communicate in English effectively in everyday business situations – so learning Business English helps you get a better job and opens the doors to a multinational career.
The most important topic is creating contracts. Generally, you will want to keep two things in mind when entering or writing a business contract – 1) Does the agreement address all of the possible situations which may arise? It’s also good to have contingency plans. 2) Do the provisions leave too much room for ambiguity? Contract disputes often arise over unclear terms or provisions.
One issue often not considered is Mediation or Arbitration. In the event of a dispute, it could prove fruitful to include a provision that requires the parties enter either mediation or arbitration or both. Mediation is a voluntary process where both parties try to work out their issues directly. This can be with the help of a neutral mediator. Any settlement must be approved by both parties. Arbitration involves an arbitrator who hears both sides of the argument and makes a decision that both parties must abide by. It’s similar to a trial in court, but the arbitration process is much quicker and cheaper.
Polskie – Kursy Angielski w Biznesie. Angielskiego biznesowego. Szkolenie firmowe. Business English powinien być kursem dla osób związanych ze środowiskiem biznesowym, którzy posługują się językiem angielskim na co dzień w sytuacjach zawodowych. Nie wystarczy stworzyć kurs w oparciu o podręczniki Business English, których swoją drogą na rynku publikacji językowych jest naprawdę sporo. Taki kurs to zdecydowanie za mało. Business English powinien być kursem dla osób związanych ze środowiskiem biznesowym, którzy posługują się językiem angielskim na co dzień w sytuacjach zawodowych. Osobom zainteresowanym nauką języka angielskiego specjalistycznego pozostawiamy do rozważenie:
  • Kurs języka angielskiego biznesowego w celu zbudowania fundamentów, nabycia i rozwijania umiejętności potrzebnych w codziennej pracy.
  • Kurs specjalistyczny dostosowany do profilu zawodowego

“Naucz się biznesowego angielskiego z native speakerem” – Kursy Angielski w Biznesie. Angielskiego biznesowego. Szkolenie firmowe. Please visit my Business English page on Facebook

Kursy Angielski w Biznesie
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Angielski w biznesie. Oferta dla firma.. Znajdź najlepszą język dla twojej firmy i na miarę potrżeb twojej firm. Company courses in Opolskie