JETSET (Junior English Tests and Senior English Tests) are skills-based English language qualifications. They have been designed to develop and assess a candidate´s ability to communicate in English. The qualifications are available at seven different levels. Each level consists of three compulsory elements. They cover reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. Each JET and SET level is a free-standing qualification. They are separately certificated. At JET and SET levels, 2 to 6 have been closely aligned to the CEFR at levels A1 to B2. These levels have also gained accreditation by the UK Qualifications and Curriculum Authority. These qualifications have been aligned with the UK Border Agency Points System. They are appealing because they are available and recognised worldwide.

The LCCI are reviewing and updating their qualifications. This will involve brand new specifications which will be re-branded from EDI to Pearson as soon as the reviews have finished. The phrase Jetset (with no space) should not be confused with “Jet set“. The latter term refers to an international group of wealthy people who travel the world from one stylish or exotic place to another via jet plane. It could, however, be likened to it, in the sense that learning English is as quick as a jet plane!

JETSET qualifications

The JET and SET qualifications are a range of internationally accredited qualifications, designed to assess the learner’s ability to communicate in English. The JET and the SET provide a clear and consistent pathway from beginner level to fluency.

The aims of the qualifications are to provide students with:

  • knowledge and understanding of spoken and written forms of English in context
  • the ability to listen and read for gist and understanding as well as to apply it to writing and speaking
  • effective spoken and written communication in English
  • application, understanding and knowledge of English grammar according to the context
  • an appropriate foundation for further study of the language
  • consistent progression between levels
  • Lots of support material to assist with students learning

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