Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC)

HCMC is a city of commerce and culture that has driven the country forward with its pulsating energy. The city breathes life and vitality into all who settle here. Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) is the business and financial hub of Vietnam. It has a prominent history that goes back hundreds of years.

Ho Chi Minh City is a popular tourist destination. It has classic French colonial landmarks, including Notre-Dame Cathedra and the 19th-century Central Post Office. It has sleek skyscrapers, ornate temples and pagodas. It is filled with rooftop bars and a wide variety of restaurants offering a combination of cuisines. Saigon is a hot, noisy, dynamic city that rarely sleeps, with a complex history and plenty of culture to soak up.

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Vinhomes Central Park is located at New Port, Binh Thanh, the Park is currently the hottest ongoing project by Vingroup Company. Vinhomes is a modern complex stretching over one kilometre, all with a gorgeous, breathtaking view of the Saigon River.

Tourist attractions

The biggest and best of HCMC’s markets is Bến Thành. Head over there to grab cheap street food and pick up a range of souvenirs. There are traditional Vietnamese lanterns aplenty, plus colourful fans, scarves, bowls and chopsticks, and, of course, “lucky” cats. Be sure to negotiate heavily on price – as a tourist you’ll be asked to pay far above the odds unless you barter.

The Binh Tay Market was constructed by the French in the 1880s. It is located in the centre of Vietnam’s largest Chinatown district. Unlike Ben Thanh Market in District 1, this market mainly serves the local population with its extensive range of fresh fruits, vegetables, poultry, meat and seafood from regions across Vietnam.

The War Remnants Museum is a sobering and unforgettable museum which details the effects of the 30 year long war between America and Vietnam. There are immaculately preserved tanks, planes and other war machines in the outside grounds, but the really hard-hitting information is found inside. Photographs, exhibits and written documentation show the horrific lengths that the American Army lowered themselves to in order to try and defeat the North Vietnamese Army.

The Chu Ch tunnels are a marvellous tourist attraction. They let visitors experience what it must have been like for soldiers who used an extensive network of tunnels to move around undetected by their enemies. There is an informative movie to watch, followed by a guided tour of some mock recreations of daily life for the Viet Cong hiding in the jungle. Burnt out tanks make for a great photo prop and then everyone gets to crawl through a small section of the tunnels which has been widened and supported with concrete

The Cao Dai Temple is the centre of the Cao Dai faith, a religion that has taken bits of Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Taoism and Confucianism. Tourists are welcome to visit the temple and learn more about this faith that is practiced by a few dedicated followers. Each Cao Dai practitioner wears a white robe to enter the temple with an additional sash to signify their previous religion. The temple itself is very bright and colourful with dragons flying up banisters and a cloud mural decorating the ceiling

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

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