Financial English

Financial English

Finance refers to the way money is used and handled. The most common kinds are done by governments and companies. Finance is also a field of Economics. It deals with the allocation of assets and liabilities.

What language do you need to operate in the world of finance? Do you know about the London Stock Exchange and the European Central Bank? Do you know about budgets and balance sheets?

How can you make your account management more efficient and how to improve your financial management in different ways? Sometimes it is good to look at the profile of a successful company and learn about business angels etc.

In an increasingly competitive and international industry, proficient English language skills are what set both potential and existing employees apart. Those who can communicate professionally and effectively in English, with international colleagues and associates, in complex financial issues will stand out and be the most valued within a multi-national organisation.

Financial English and banking cover many topics such as Business finance. Accounting. Bookkeeping. Company law. Auditing. Balance sheets. Financial Statements. Ratios. Banking. Interest rates. Money markets. Venture capital. Stocks and shares. Shareholders. Bonds and futures. Asset management. Hedge funds. Mergers and takeovers. International trade. Exchange rates. Insurance. The business cycle. Taxation. Business plans etc.

Financial questions

  • Salary, overtime and commission.  What are they?
  • Social security and a pension. What are they?
  • What is double entry book-keeping?
  • Full disclosure, conservatism, objectivity and matching. What are they?
  • Depreciation and amortisation. What are they?
  • What are internal and external audits?
  • Companies prices, markup and market penetration price. What are they?
  • Personal, commercial and retail banking.  What are they?
  • What is a risk assessment?
  • What is your credit rating?
  • Building societies and high-street banks. What are they?

Financial English is also useful for accounting

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