Engineering English

Engineering English (Angielski dla Inżynierów) examines the language used in the profession. The application of scientific, economic, social, and practical knowledge is known as Engineering. It is used to design, build, maintain, and improve structures, machines, devices, systems, materials and processes. Engineering encompasses a range of more specialised fields which include technology and various types of application. Engineering is one of the fastest growing career paths. Engineers can build, design and inspect.

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Engineering English

Typically, lessons first examine what students think Engineering is and how it can be used. This progresses to a brief discussion on uses of technology, mathematics and physics. An examination of the common vocabulary helps to set the scene. Engineering English also examines shapes, materials, tools, energy, simple machines, working with numbers and measurements etc.

Vocabulary for Engineers
Engineering English Angielski dla Inżynierów. Englisch für Ingenieure. OpoleTools – Wire stripper, drill, pliers, vice, screwdriver, soldering iron and fastener etc.
Materials – Standard glass, coated glass, wire-reinforced glass, steel, lumber, concrete, ceramic and porcelain etc.
Parts –  inclined plane, pulley, fulcrum, screw, level, wedge and axle etc.
Numbers – Equal, percent, tenths, hundredths, squared, cubed, exponents and grams etc.
Scientific methods – methodology, experiment, hypothesis, problem, observation and procedure etc.
Safety precautions – fire extinguisher, hazard, first aid, prohibited, goggles and injury etc.
Types of Engineering – Civil, Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical and Aerospace. Sales, Agricultural, Industrial, Software and Genetic. Computer, Materials, Environmental, Nuclear and Biomedical etc.
Traits of an Engineer – Qualified, competent, dependable, common sense, organisational skills and curiosity etc.
Problem-solving – comprehension, synthesis, logic, solution and iteration etc.
Drawings – CAD, schematics, dimensions, length, perimeter, exploded view, cross section and geometry etc.

Discussion questions
What is the history of Engineering? What makes a good Engineer? What education do you need? How do Engineers present information? How can they solve problems? What types of job are available? What do employers look for? How do you get the relevant skills, experience and knowledge?

Engineering English
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