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What is it?

Consultancy is defined as a professional practice that gives expert advice within a particular field. A consultant is an experienced professional who provides expert knowledge. He or she works in an advisory capacity and is usually not usually accountable for the outcome of a consulting. There are several reasons why businesses require consultants including:

  • To provide a “short-cut” to know-how, knowledge and information that does not exist in the organisation
  • To provide a professional service that does not exist in the organisation, or that is needed for a specified period of time
  • To provide solutions to specific challenges and circumstances
  • To validate ideas that have already been created in the organisation
  • To analyse, diagnose or criticise (constructively)
  • To facilitate the search for ideas and solutions with existing team members
  • To facilitate, create and implement methodologies and systems that enhance efficiency and organisation
  • To access a network of business or government contacts
  • To bring in an experienced “outsiders”
  • To implement new ideas and procedures

Consultants can coaching skills, implement technology, develop strategy and/or improve operations etc.

The idea for Disneyland’s Magic Kingdom was born on a family vacation. Walt Disney was visiting Tivoli Gardens, one of Europe’s oldest amusement parks, when he realized he could create a bigger, better version in California. His method is not unusual: Great entrepreneurs find new business ideas by paying attention to opportunities in everyday life.There are two ways to find new business opportunities:

Live in the Future – Be close to cutting-edge technology. Use something that was not available yesterday. Read news about new inventions. Think about products for young people. The future belongs to wearable computers, self-driving cars, DNA tests, and atom-thin materials. What product and services should exist around these big innovation themes?
Become an expert – There are specialized fields that are not open to anyone from the street. Customs, prisons, medical devices, military contracts, nuclear plants and bridge construction etc. Typically, you can start a company in these areas only after years of professional experience. The essence of a business is to offer a service where it is in high demand.
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