Consultancy is defined as professional practice that gives expert advice within a particular field – for example Business consultancy. A consultant is an experienced professional who provides expert knowledge. He or she works in an advisory capacity only and is usually not usually accountable for the outcome of a consulting exercise.

There are several reasons why businesses require consultants. These reasons include:

  • To provide a “short-cut” to know-how, knowledge and information that does not exist in the organisation
  • To provide a professional service that does not exist in the organisation, or that is needed for a specified period of time
  • To provide solutions to specific challenges and circumstances
  • To validate ideas that have already been created in the organisation
  • To analyse, diagnose or criticise (constructively)
  • To facilitate the search for ideas and solutions with existing team members
  • To facilitate, create and implement methodologies and systems that enhance efficiency and organisation
  • To access a network of business or government contacts
  • To bring in an experienced “outsiders” evaluation and point of view
  • To present, teach or implement “new” business ideas and procedures

Consultancy can also provide organisational change, coaching skills, technological implementation, strategy development and/or operational improvements etc.

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Problem solving

Everyone wants to know “How can we move forward?”. The answer to this question is usually found in application of knowledge and skills. Lets take a quick look at computer software and what it can do…

Name of application Used to create
Microsoft Word Posters, Brochures, Reports, Flyers and Books etc.
Autocad 2D and 3D design
WordPress Easily managed websites etc.
Adobe Photoshop Brochures, Flyers and images etc.
Google Translate, send documents, create discussion groups, maps and adverts etc.

There are thousands of Software applications. Knowing what they can be used for gives us a place to start finding a possible solution.

Consultancy Opole - Doradztwo i konsultacje projektów biznesowychSo what is the problem?

Companies and businesses use different methods to find ways forward. SWOT analysis looks at strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. STEP analysis looks at the social, technological, economical & political forces affecting an organisation.

The development of computer-based information systems includes a systems analysis:

  • The development of a feasibility study: determining whether a project is economically, socially, technologically and organisationally feasible
  • Fact-finding measures, designed to ascertain the requirements of the system’s end-users (typically involving interviews, questionnaires, or visual observations of work on the existing system)
  • Gauging how the end-users would operate the system, what the system would be used for and so on

These steps are useful in Project management

Consultancy – my services

I work directly with companies and have experience working with many different kinds of firm. Please visit my testimonials page for references, including this one: “We would firmly recommend Piers Midwinter to anyone interested in learning English, Business English, IT English and/or requiring his consultancy services.” – Elemont sp z.o.o.

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Best Language,
Reymonta 1/12,Opole,Opolskie-45-065,
Telephone No.883047684
We would firmly recommend Piers Midwinter to anyone interested in learning English, Business... and/or requiring his consultancy services.

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Piers Midwinter

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I am a director and a friendly Native English Speaking Teacher. I teach all kinds of English. I have organised Business English Courses for companies in the Opolskie region. I have been employed by TU Dresden to teach Business English to Masters students since October 2014.
Piers Midwinter
Piers Midwinter
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