BULATS (Business Language Testing Service) is an assessment service for companies, developed and delivered by Cambridge English Language Assessment in collaboration with Alliance Française, Goethe-Institut and Universidad de Salamanca.

BULATS assesses workplace language skills in English and three other languages. BULATS helps organisations establish what levels of language ability are needed for different jobs and the BULATS Preparation Courses support learners with their study and test preparation. The BULATS tests assess all four skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening) in a business context and scores are reported at the appropriate CEFR level.

From January 2017 all BULATS tests will be carried out online, and the paper-based version will be withdrawn. Nevertheless, students wanting to attain BULATS qualification still need to know what is required etc and from this perspective, this web-page has been created.

BULATS is used internationally for business and industry recruitment, for identifying and delivering training, for admission to study business-related courses and for assessing the effectiveness of language courses and training.

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BULATS offers:

BULATS - Business Language Testing Service for companies. Angielski w Biznesie Opole.

  • Fast, accurate and affordable language assessment
    for recruitment, internal appointments, and to measure the effectiveness of language courses and training
  • Internationally accepted language testing
    aligned with international standards and recognised by employers and government agencies around the world
  • Powerful language auditing tools
    to help you make critical recruitment and training decisions
  • Flexible preparation courses
    so you can offer language training that fits around busy schedules.

Reading and Listening test

  • Assesses listening and reading skills, and knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.
  • Lasts about one hour.
  • Test questions and instructions are in the same language as the test.
  • Divided into two sections – Listening; Reading and Language Knowledge.
  • Pinpoints ability quickly and accurately by using adaptive testing techniques. As you progress through the test, the computer selects and presents each question on the basis of the previous answer.
  • Result is available at the end of the test.

Speaking test

  • Assesses speaking in a foreign language in a business context.
  • Lasts about 15 minutes.
  • Questions are presented via the computer screen.
  • Topics include:
    • buying and selling
    • products and services
    • the economy and the stock market
    • the office and general business environment
    • entertainment of business clients
    • business travel
    • human resources
    • training and development.
  • Consists of five parts:
    • Part 1: Interview – you answer eight questions about yourself and your background/work/future plans (e.g. What is your job?).
    • Part 2: Reading aloud – you read eight sentences aloud.
    • Part 3: Presentation – you are given a work-related topic (e.g. the perfect office) to talk about for one minute.
    • Part 4: Presentation with graphic – you are given one or more graphics (e.g. pie charts, line graphs) with a business focus (e.g. company exports) to talk about for one minute.
    • Part 5: Communication activity – you give your opinion on five questions related to one scenario (e.g. planning a conference).
  • Responses are recorded and assessed online by one or more examiners.

BULATS Writing test

  • Assesses writing skills, and knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.
  • Lasts 45 minutes.
  • Writing tasks are presented via the computer screen.
  • Topics include:
    • buying and selling
    • products and services
    • the office and general business environment
    • entertainment of business clients
    • business travel
    • human resources
    • training and development
    • marketing
    • Consists of two parts:
      • Part 1: You type a short email/letter/message of 50–60 words. Part 1 is a compulsory task and contributes one-third of the final mark.
      • Part 2: You type a report or a letter of 180–200 words following instructions. There is a choice of tasks for Part 2 and it contributes two-thirds of the final mark
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Telephone No.883047684
Specjalistyczna usługa testowa skierowana do firm i instytucji. BULATS jest powiązany z Europejskim Systemem Kształcenia Językowego.

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