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Best Language focuses on providing a top quality service and delivering what clients want. Best Language is my company and it has several functions. It offers:

  • Business to Business (B2B) services
  • Language School services
  • Business Language Courses for firms and individuals
  • Business, Events and Courses Management
  • Business, Educational & IT Consultation services
  • Portfolio services to Native teachers and other qualified professionals.
  • Corporate Training
  • Tutoring, coaching, lecturing or teaching etc.
  • Teaching online via Skype or any other platform
  • Teaching any kind of English – Specialist, Conversational, Business and Legal etc.

Best Language – all kinds of English

At the moment, I am working:

  • In the Opolskie region of Poland and also in the Lower Saxony area in Germany
  • With companies, institutions or schools in these areas
  • Individuals  or small groups  in these areas
  • People wanting lessons or assistance online

Typically, at the very beginning, I will visit clients and discuss what they want and when. We will then discuss pay, terms and conditions. A contract is then signed by both parties. I then comply with the terms and conditions of the contract – typically by teaching Business English on-site at a Companies headquarters once a week between September and June etc.  At the end of every month, I then send a signed invoice to the company requesting payment. Working directly with companies means that they can make requests and I can tailor my services to meet them.

Details of my company:

Name of company: Best Language Piers Midwinter

Registered address (From November 2nd 2016): Konsularna 1/34, 45-089 Opole

Regon: 161579995

NIP: 5213439515

Tel: +48 883-047-684

For more information, please also visit my other website:

BEST Language: Company courses, events, B2B & consulting services
Best Language oferuje najlepsze specjalistycznego języka angielskiego w Opolu z bardzo quaified native speaker'em. Szkolenia, korepetycje i...
Konsularna 1/34
Opole, Opolskie
Phone: +48 883047684

Piers Midwinter

Piers Midwinter

Director and Freelance Teacher at Best Language
I am a director and a friendly Native English Speaking Teacher. I teach all kinds of English. I have organised Business English Courses for companies in the Opolskie region. I have been employed by TU Dresden to teach Business English to Masters students since October 2014.
Piers Midwinter
Piers Midwinter
Piers Midwinter

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Piers Midwinter
I am a sole trader and freelancer. My company: Best Language is a registered Language School. I have thus been able to work with Companies in Poland, Germany and England. Regon: 161579995 NIP: 5213439515 Registered address: Konsularna 1/34, Opole 45-089, Poland