Aviation English

Aviation English

Aviation English (angielski dla lotnictwa) is the de facto international language of civil aviation. The air travel industry expanded in the 20th century. As a result, safety became very important. The ability to communicate was a top priority. Pilots and air traffic controllers thus need good English.

aviation english

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Aviation English

There are several Aviation English qualifications. The TEAP stands for the Test of English for Aviation Personnel. The ELPAC is the English Language Proficiency for Aeronautical Communication. There is a RELTA – RMIT English Language Test for Aviation. There is a TOEFA – the Test of English for Aviation. There are ICAO – International Civic Aviation Organisation English tests too.

Macmillan publishes a book called “Aviation English”. Its authors Henry Emery and Andy Roberts have had their test endorsed. The English Test for Aviation (ETA) is endorsed by ICAO. This is the first provider to have such an endorsement.

Pilots and air traffic controllers should achieve and maintain ICAO level 4. This measures the language required in the Aviation industry. The book provides a comprehensive solution to learning the language. It develops specific skills. These are described in the ICAO Level 4 Language Profile of English Language Proficiency.

Key features of the book are:

  • It is ideal to use for Aviation English. It also good for ICAO Level 4
  • The CD features audio recordings.
  • Test every five units which review topics. They test the language from the preceding units. There are general practice tests too.
  • Topics include: delays, fuel problems, aircraft breakdowns, bomb scares and storms
  • The content has been verified by Oxford Aviation Academy

Professionals involved in international operations must demonstrate a high level of English language proficiency. In particular, they must understand Aviation English in order to become a pilot. If you are interested in becoming a pilot, then do contact me – I can help you study Aviation English

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