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Business English Course flyer - Kursy Angielski w Biznesie OpoleKursy angielski w biznesie Opole – You can download my Business English Course flyer by clicking the image on the left.

Best Language organizes high-quality training in Business English for companies, institutions and individuals.

Lessons for groups of students always take place mainly on the premises of the company. I thus drive to your company. This saves all of your employees valuable time and money. Lessons for individuals can be at my company. We are located on Grunwaldzka near Solaris. Here you will find safe car parking facilities.

Courses cover a wide range of issues related to general or business language. At the company’s request, the program can be tailored and could thus include specialist issues such as website search engine optimisation, finance, logistics, business law and accounting etc. All classes are taught by a highly qualified and experienced native english speaking teacher.

The key to success in achieving the objectives of the training is to choose an appropriate curriculum. Together with the customer we develop a program perfectly adapted to your business and current needs.

Courses usually start at the beginning of September and usually continue until the end of the academic year. A contract thus provides both Best Language and your business a legally binding proof of agreed terms. We proudly provide a hospitable and professional service.

I detail some of the most popular courses on offer below..

Kursy angielski w biznesie oferta dla firm

Best Language has a few conversational Business English Courses at differing levels. The first four courses listed below broadly follow the topics covered by the Market Leader books published by Pearson Education. The courses thus have Sound files, Videos, Student books and Workbooks containing grammar exercises, examples of typical business documents etc. Kursy Angielski w Biznesie Opole

Pre-Intermediate Business English Course Kursy Angielski w Biznesie Opole
Topics include: Careers, Companies, Selling, Great Ideas, Stress, Entertaining, New Business, Marketing, Planning, Managing People, Conflict and Products

Intermediate Business English Course Kursy Angielski w Biznesie Opole
Topics include: Brands, Travel, Change, Organisation, Advertising, Money, Cultures, Human Resources, International Markets, Ethics, Leadership and Competition

Upper Intermediate Business English Course Kursy Angielski w Biznesie Opole
Topics include: Communication, International Marketing, Building Relationships, Success, Job Satisfaction, Risk, Management Styles, Team Building, Raising Finance, Customer Service, Crisis Management, Mergers and Acquisitions

Advanced Business English Course Kursy Angielski w Biznesie Opole
Topics include: Impressions, Training, Energy, Marketing, Employment Trends, Ethics, Finance, Consultants, Strategy, Online Business, New Business and Project Management

Business English Certificate (BEC) and London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI)
Best Language also teaches students what they need to know in order to pass the BEC (Higher, Vantage or Preliminary) or LCCI…

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Piers Midwinter

Piers Midwinter

Director and Freelance Teacher at Best Language
I am a director and a friendly Native English Speaking Teacher. I teach all kinds of English. I have organised Business English Courses for companies in the Opolskie region. I have been employed by TU Dresden to teach Business English to Masters students since October 2014.
Piers Midwinter
Piers Midwinter
Piers Midwinter

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Piers Midwinter
I am a sole trader and freelancer. My company: Best Language is a registered Language School. I have thus been able to work with Companies in Poland, Germany and England. Regon: 161579995 NIP: 5213439515 Registered address: Konsularna 1/34, Opole 45-089, Poland