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    Thursday, June 6, 2013

    “Do you need Business English or any other kind of English? Welcome to my website. I am here to help you. Please feel free to ask me any…

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    Thursday, June 23, 2011

    “Nazywam się Piers Midwinter. Jestem sympatycznym native speakerem z Wielkiej Brytanii i uczę mojego ojczystego języka dzieci, młodzież i dorosłych. Mieszkam w Opolu.” Posiadam uprawnienia do nauczania: Informatyki i…

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Learn English 🇬🇧

“Do you need Business English or any other kind of English? Welcome to my website. I am here to help you. Please feel free to ask me any questions…”

Learn English – Angielski

First of all – Which websites can you trust? At the top of this webpage, you will see this website has a HTTPS address. This tells you that my website is verified as being both authentic and safe. Of course, the real test is whether a company is listed on the CEIDG website. CEIDG provides absolute proof of whether someone has a Polish company and essential information on them (NIP & Nationality etc.) This is important, because it is illegal to accept lessons with anyone that does not have a company. You should always ask for an invoice.

This website has McAfee Secure certification – this tells you this website is safe and does not contain any viruses etc. This website is registered with Trusted Shops – the leading seal of approval for online shops in Europe which includes buyer protection for consumers and a rating system. This website is also registered with Krajowy Rejestr Sądowy, Rzetelne Firmy, Google, Wikipedia, Yelp and Yellow Pages etc. I am the creator and director of this website. I do all the upgrades myself. I do not hire anyone to help me. This means that you know exactly who and what you are dealing with.

Second – What should you look for? It helps to find someone who was brought up and educated in England. It is very hard to beat a Native English Speakers understanding of English. Add to that the fifteen years of teaching experience I have and five teaching qualifications etc. Since October 2014, I have been teaching the Business English Certificate at both Vantage and Higher levels to Masters students at a prestigious German University once a week during the academic term. I have also taught in-house Business English to directors and in companies throughout Opole. So come and speak to a real expert…

Third – Do you want good quality English? I grew up in England. I spent 39 years living there. I worked as a fully qualified teacher of Information Technology in English secondary schools for nine years and a further two years at a couple of International Schools in Poland. In August 2011, I moved permanently to Opole and have spent most of my time teaching either English or Business English. So make sure you hire a complete professional and not someone who gained qualifications by reading books!

Fourth – Location? I live in the centre of Opole near Solaris. There are car parking spaces on our street. I have a car and a computer. So it does not matter where you live – I can teach you at my place, your place or online! Our flat is decorated in a truly English style and visitors are given a free cup of tea etc. So why not come and get the full English experience!

Fifth – Price? I have my own company – so lessons are invoiced.  The price of a lesson depends on many factors such as where the lesson takes place, how many students are in a lesson and the complexity of the teaching/proofreading tasks involved. Clients wanting a long term contract get the best deals. My prices are very competitive too. So please do contact me for more information…

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Best Language
Best Language is an ESL School that offers students all kinds of English including Business English. Students can learn online or in Opole.
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